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  • Company History

    Letcor has its origins in the late Mr. Eric Heyns, who was a very well-known and respected property administrator and sectional title manager in Johannesburg as well as the Natal South coast. The business was formed in 1987 and has an enviable 28 years of experience in the property management industry.

    On his passing the business was taken over by his equally respected and experienced wife Mrs. Elizabeth Heyns, with the help and assistance of their sons and daughter, making this a second generation family owned business.

    Lector is now owned by Mrs. Elizabeth Heyns and managed by their son Christo. The collective skill-set of Mrs. Heyns and Mr. Christo Heyns together with their loyal and well trained staff is used to address the demands of Bodies Corporate and Home Owner Associations to enhance the level of efficient service. This level of service is essential for the efficient management of the daily operations of residential buildings, providing peace of mind for those who re side within the buildings and for investors.

    Although Letcor is a family business it has a corporate management philosophy. Buildings are managed according to their individual needs with sound business principles ensuring corporate governance on all levels. Human resources, marketing, operations, strategy, customer orientation, due diligence, communication and service delivery all form part of buildings management operations.

    Each building has a unique personality, and while Letcor’s corporate governance is never compromised, flexibility in management style is facilitated and developed to encompass the personality of each building.

  • Elizabeth Heyns, Co-Founder and President

    Elizabeth Heyns owner of Letcor Property Management CC is a fully fledged qualified principle with the requisite EAAB certification and 28 years of experience in the property management industry.

    Email: elizabeth@letcor.co.za | Tel: (011) 403-0701

  • Christo Heyns, General Manager

    Christo Heyns is the General Manager of Letcor Property Management CC. He is well qualified to operate in this field through extensive first hand management experience, first as portfolio manager and later as manager of Letcor Johannesburg branch for many years. This is further supported by his completion of the Paddocks University of Cape Town Sectional Title Scheme Management course. He now will act as the General Manager of the whole Letcor operation. Christo further holds a marketing management certificate from the Institute of Marketing Management. He is a fully qualified buildings agent and principle with the requisite EAAB certification and a member of the Institute of Buildings Agents of South Africa..

    Email: christo@letcor.co.za | Tel: (011) 403-0701

  • Stephen Heyns, Head of Collections and Legal Compliance

    Stephen Heyns holds the EAAB certification as required by all qualified buildings agents. He is further a member of the Institute of Buildings Agents of South Africa. Stephen’s experience as portfolio manager as well as head of collections and legal compliance makes him an integral part of the management team.

    Email: stephen@letcor.co.za | Tel: (011) 403-0701