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    For many of us, fixed property is the largest single asset in our possession and it is important to protect the value of the investment.  Effective management of the Body Corporate / Home Owners Association is a specific requirement.

    We follow a modern approach by recognising every Body Corporate / Home Owners Association as a business entity and treating it as such. Every Body Corporate / Home Owners Association has its own set of books and banking accounts, (Cheque, Savings and, if necessary, a Deposit account).

    The Trustees / Directors receive complete reports and balances of the accounts together with the other basic reports.  Interest in favour of the Body Corporate / Home Owners Association, is levied on all outstanding levy accounts.To save costs, we provide joint facilities like debit orders and electronic transfer facilities.

    Each Body Corporate / Home Owner Association has a portfolio manager who attends to the interests of the Body Corporate / Home Owners Association and acts as liaison between Trustees / Directors and Owners.

    Managers attend Trustees / Directors Meetings regularly in order to acquire first-hand knowledge in respect of the needs of the Body Corporate / Home Owners Association.

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     We pride ourselves in offering a world class service, and all efforts are made to provide you, the owner with updated information regarding the management of your property. Please use the form on the right to send us a request for information relative to you. Kindly allow 24 to 48 hours for a response, or call us on [011] 403-0701 to confim receipt

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  • Hi, i just wanted to take the time to say Thank-You. Property Management has been a big load off my back and they have been really great, proactive and on top of things. Thank you!

    Michael P. Russell

  • Hi, just wanted to let you know that your team is doing a great job - very much appreciated! Thats it. Best regards,

    Sharon J. Springfield